Exchange 2010 Management Console and Shell are very slow to load

by Chris Hall/December 1, 2016

In most cases, we’ve found Exchange Management Console (EMC) and/or Exchange Management Shell (EMS) by default to load very slowly on PCs. To correct this you can follow the steps below.
Note: The default security options changed in the below are recommended by Microsoft and this can present a risk unless the machine is in a secure environment.

Turn off (Uncheck) “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” & “Check for server certificate revocation” options on the server/workstations you are starting the EMC on

· In Windows Internet Explorer –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced tab

· In the Security section, uncheck the below two options “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” & “Check for server certificate revocation”

Based on the default settings in Internet Explorer, the EMC will always try to connect to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) web site. Exchange examines the CRL list to verify the code signing certificate. This process in most cases take a long time, therefore the delay.

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