DataCommand offers the below products developed and maintained internally buy the company. These entries show a small section of the tools and programs developed for use within DataCommand and client sites that are now available to everyone. Please see license agreements as provided with each individual product.




USB Image.NET is a tool designed for Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WINPE v4.0 recommended) and other PE environments as a front end GUI and Automation tool. It’s an easy to use program designed primarily for IT Technicians use for imaging and backup of PCs either manually or automated for regular backup or deployment of PCs.

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Outlook Signature Generator

Outlook Signature Generator is the easy to use Signature Template and Creation program. You can create a corporate template and users and staff can then use the program to alter, set and use the template easily whilst keeping the design consistent. It was developed for use in enterprise level companies but is cost effective enough to be used in any sized business.

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